One of the most intensive CBT Certificate Training Programs in North America

Our certificate course provides intensive training with specific protocols by experts in active practice

Intensive CBT training. More than generic or brief online webinars. 

Weekly supervision, a vital element to our training.

Ability to break down certificate courses into manageable chunks.

Experience in training therapists across vast geographical

UCBTA Certificates

Includes workshops, supervision, course assignments and assessments. Certificate of Completion from University of Ottawa Dept of Psychiatry.

Level 1: UCBTA Foundations

Level 2: UCBTA for Depression and Anxiety Disorders

Level 3: UCBTA Wider Applications

Level 4: UCBTA Transdiagnostic

Level 5: UCBTA Supervisor training

UCBTA Workshops

Workshops only option with Certificate of Attendance from University of Ottawa Dept of Psychiatry.

Level 1: Foundations intensive UCBTA

Level 2-3: Condition/Problem Specific workshops UCBTA

Level 4: Transdiagnostic workshops UCBTA

Why our supervision is effective

Learn skills every session: Role play, observe and refine skills in each session

Clearly established supervision model: This has been presented in national and international conferences

Analysis of recorded therapy sessions: More than just case discussions

Time-saving templates for problem-solving: Solve frequently occurring difficulties and stuck points

CBT Certification: Use the supervision to become a Certified* CBT practitioner

How our workshops will help you

Save time
Combine different CBT schools.

Practice-ready protocols
Specific treatment protocols for each condition and disorder.

Hands-on skills practice
Not just day long lectures.

CBT Certification
Use the training to become a Certified* CBT


Scientific updates
Learn the key evidence based references and
updates in treatment.

Success stories
Hear how experts manage clients successfully.

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